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Welcome to Woodhaven!

We are so excited to gather together soon!

In the mean-time we invite you to join our online community on Instagram and Facebook (both our public Woodhaven School page and the private Woodhaven Friends group). These pages can help you connect with other families, offer creative craft and nature activity ideas, and show a glimpse into what you and your child will experience at Woodhaven.  


Please watch the video below from Ms. Nicole to learn more about the

Woodhaven Way and how to prepare for Fall.

Nicole Knotts is our Lead Preschool Teacher at Woodhaven School. For over a decade, Nicole has worked with young children in a wide range of educational settings, including early childhood and elementary classrooms in Montessori schools, charter school, public schools, after-school programs, and led school groups at an aviation museum.


Nicole graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and when she discovered Waldorf education, it immediately resonated with her. She knew that play and creative expression are very much needed for a young child’s development and has recently completed her LifeWays Early Childhood Certificate in Boulder, Colorado.


Having grown up in Oregon and Washington, she spent her childhood in the evergreen forests and camping along the many beautiful rivers and lakes in the pacific northwest, flourishing a lifelong love and respect for nature. She brings to Woodhaven her passion for Waldorf education, learning through play, creative arts, nature and fostering emotional growth for children.


Nicole loves to go backpacking and rock climbing in her spare time as well as taking photographs, reading, and learning languages.

You can email Ms. Nicole by clicking here.

Or you can email her at


Amanda Jagelski

President, she/her

Mama to Sunflower Fintan.

This is Amanda's second year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Amanda here

or email her at




kim donnet.jpeg

Kim Donnet

Sunflower Rep, she/her

Mama to Sunflower Howie.

This is Kim's second year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Kim here

or email her at

Dry Flowers

Kamelia White

Fundraising Manager, she/her

Mama to Rosebud Riley.

This is Kamelia's first full year at Woodhaven.

You can email Kamelia here

or email her at


Amber Roller

Vice President, she/her

Mama to Sunflower Ford.

This is Amber's second year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Amber here

or email her at


Megan & Tony Marquez

DEI Chair, she/her & he/him

Mama and Papa to Sunflower Emilio and alum Elianna. This is their third year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Megan & Tony here

or email them at

Chopped Tree Trunk

Alice Kehaya

Rosebud Rep, she/her

Mama to Rosebud Mary and Alum Elsie.

This is Alice's second year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Alice here

or email her at


Kelli Barnett Patterson

Alumni Advisor, she/her

Mama to Alums Henry-Wayne

and GladysAnn.

You can email Kelli here

or email her at


Audra & Matt Allis

Treasurer, she/her & he/him

Mama & Papa to Rosebud Ana.

This is their second year at Woodhaven. 

You can email Audra & Matt here

or email them at


Maria Higgins

Registrar, she/her

Mama to Rosebud Harper.

This is Maria's second year at Woodhaven.

You can email Maria here

or email her at


Brooke Sunderland

PCPO Representative, she/her

Mama to Sunflower Lilah.

This is Brooke's first full year at Woodhaven.

You can email Brooke here

or email her at

Annual General Meeting

Every year in April we hold our General Meeting. This meeting is an introduction to the Woodhaven Way: our school, community, teachers, and what to look forward to over the summer. At least one parent/caregiver from each family is must attend. 

  • April 19, 2023 | 6-8 PM at Woodhaven 

Annual Orientation Meeting

Every year in August we hold our Orientation Meeting. This meeting is an all-school briefing on the classroom drop-off procedure, required supplies/gear, fundraising goals & opportunities, and family jobs and work party requirements. Expect to leave the meeting with all the information you need to start school confident in your role at Woodhaven. One parent/caregiver from each family must attend and the meeting is for parents/caregivers only (babies in arms are okay).

  • August 16, 2023  |  6-8 PM at Woodhaven 

Family Teacher Training

The parent or caregiver who will be serving as the parent teacher during class time must attend ONE family teacher training session. You may choose one of the following two dates: 

  • August 29, 2023 |  6-8 PM at Woodhaven 

  • September 9, 2023 | 9-11 AM at Woodhaven 

Conflict Resolution Training

The parent or caregiver who will be serving as the parent teacher during class time must attend.

  • September 12 | 6-8 PM at Woodhaven

Your Family Job

All families contribute to the administration of Woodhaven School by holding a family job. You will receive an email to your personal email address from the Vice President with your assigned family job and a job description. Each position functions within one of five teams, led by an executive board member. Throughout the year, you’ll utilize your team leader for assistance or questions that arise. For more information about family jobs please refer to the School Handbook.

After you’ve been assigned your job, you’ll receive access to the corresponding Woodhaven email address. You’ll receive an email to your personal email address with details on how to log in and access your Woodhaven email account. The Woodhaven email account log-in also provides access to our online calendar and Google drive where we store all our school documents and information. We highly recommend installing the Google apps to your phone so that you can easily access your Woodhaven email, calendar, documents and photos.


One of the most important roles you’ll play at Woodhaven is as Family Teacher in your child’s class. Actually, our insurance won’t allow class to take place unless there is a parent present - Woodhaven literally depends on you to run. Prior to serving as Family Teacher or attending class with a child, all parents/caregivers must submit and pass a background check. All Woodhaven Parent Teachers must enroll in the Oregon Registry (ORO), which is ORO's Central Background Registry.  

If you have previously been employed or volunteered in schools, childcare, healthcare, or law enforcement, it is possible you already have an Oregon Registry number. We recommend contacting the Early Learning Division at: (800) 556-6616 or email: If you are in the Registry, then they will give you your registry number that they have on file. Then you can provide that registry number to us.

To enroll in the Registry the process, please fill out the free application available HERE. Scroll down to where it says, "Apply Online for the Central Background Registry". This will take you through the process online.


If you'd rather print the application and mail it in, you can do so by clicking HERE (please note, this could delay the application and approval process).

Please use the following info when completing the form:

  • Why Applying: I am applying for work, plan to volunteer or be associated with a licensed child care facility.

Fundraising is a crucial part of membership & stewardship at Woodhaven School -- in order to cover basic operating costs, provide a living wage for our staff and maintain competitive tuition for our families, it is imperative that our members participate in our various fundraising opportunities throughout the entire year. This year, our budgeted fundraising goal to raise together is $20K. To help us reach this goal, we invite you to get involved in these ongoing fundraisers even before school begins:

  • Download and use the RaiseRight mobile app -- this is your place for purchasing e-giftcards from a huge selection of businesses that donate a percentage of purchases back to Woodhaven! Choose from businesses like Whole Foods, Instacart, Target, Amazon, AirBnB, Starbucks, Lowes and many more. To enroll, enter Woodhaven's enrollment code (XH3BKWTBVX6M) when setting up your account.

  • Pick up a blue BottleDrop bag at school and collect your redeemable bottles & cans for a direct donation to Woodhaven. Simply drop off your full bag at any BottleDrop redemption location and the sticker on the bag will contribute the funds to our account.

Throughout the school year, we'll be hosting several fundraising events so that we can collectively reach our budgeted goal of $20K. Please plan to attend and commit to helping spread the word on your social media! Here is an example of a typical fundraising season:

  • Ice Cream Social, August

  • Woodhaven T-Shirt Fundraiser, Sept/Oct

  • Pies & Wreaths (Dual) Fundraiser, Oct/Nov

  • Direct Ask Fundraiser, Nov

  • MixBook Photo Cards & Gifts, Dec

  • Brunch Box Fundraiser, Feb

  • Farmington Gardens Fundraiser, Mar/Apr

  • Annual Auction, Apr

  • Restaurant Fundraiser, May

Show your Woodhaven pride and order your own Woodhaven branded merchandise. This is an on-demand site that only produces the items you want once you order them.

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