Woodhaven School’s curriculum is inspired by the elements of Waldorf education and reflects the sense of wonder and reverence that children experience in the natural world. The classroom is a soothing, home-like environment where children experience oral storytelling, puppet play, drama, songs, natural toys, and wholesome, food. We are a media-free school. Our program emphasizes humanitarian values and environmental awareness. Children observe and exercise their own imaginations and creativity through art, music, dramatic play, and hands-on exploration of simple toys, natural objects and outdoor play. Woodhaven curriculum emphasizes child choice, rather than highly-structured, teacher-directed lessons.


Woodhaven School strives to provide a nurturing and stimulating experience for its students, to foster a lifelong love of learning and exploration, and to promote humanitarianism and environmental awareness.

The school works to cultivate the mind, body, emotions and spirit of each child through an exemplary program emphasizing personal growth, family involvement, nature-based play, creativity, artistic and musical expression, community service, and diversity in peoples, cultures and languages.

We believe that play is a child’s work.


Nurturing children for over 20 years!

Woodhaven School was formed by a small group of parents in 1994. They wanted to create a nurturing environment for their young children, based on the principles of Waldorf education. The six founding families envisioned a haven that embraced the wonder of childhood, encouraged boundless imagination, and supported the unhurried, open spirit of a child.

The families established annual events that focused on nature – a Harvest Potluck, a Lantern Walk through the woods in the Fall, a Spiral Walk in the winter, and a May Day Celebration each Spring. Woodhaven continues to celebrate these events each year.