Woodhaven 2017 Application


Please use this form to be apply for the 2017-18 school year.

It is a requirement to attend one of our open houses in order to fill out this application. If you have not, please click here to see our current open house schedule. It is also a requirement to pay the non-refundable $50 enrollment/application fee by clicking here. Please do so if you haven't already, before filling out the application. 

As space is available, you will receive an invitation to attend a trial day with both parent and child to observe and participate in your desired class. This is an opportunity to find out if Woodhaven School is a good fit for your family. After your trial day, based on space available in your desired class, Woodhaven School will extend an invitation to register.

About our Selection Process...

We review applications and contact families with enrollment or wait list offers as space is available. We don’t conduct a strict lottery as there are many factors we consider, such as age, gender, and the diversity balance of our students, as well as what skills parents can offer the program.

As a unique, parent-driven cooperative school, Woodhaven School relies heavily on our families to eagerly and fully participate in our community. When we review applications, we consider families’ interests, talents, and skills as well as their enthusiasm for our program.  We encourage families to share about themselves on the application.

If you have a particular interest or skill that you’re willing to contribute, please tell us about it. Families are responsible for assisting in the classroom as well as holding an essential job in running our school.  In partnership with our director/teacher,  we create a thriving learning community.

Thank you for your interest in Woodhaven School! Please remember to pay our $50 application fee after submitting this form if you haven't already.