Many of our families remain friends – camping during the summers and attending birthday parties – long after their children have outgrown Woodhaven.

Parent involvement is the foundation of our cooperative preschool. Parents rotate as in-class teacher helpers. It is marvelous to be in the classroom experiencing the school day through the eyes of your child. All of our students know the parents of their peers by first name. After their first day in the class, parents learn the daily rhythms just as the children have. 


Rosebud parents volunteer in the classroom about once a month. Sunflower parents volunteer in the classroom roughly every 3 weeks.

Infant siblings are welcome in the classroom on your parent helper day. We ask that you find childcare for toddler-aged siblings on your parent helper days. Often families in the co-op with similar aged younger siblings will combine efforts, arranging play dates and swapping childcare on parent helper days.


Each family is required to raise a minimum of $750 per year, per enrolled student. Fundraising is a year-long effort through various activities including dine-out nights and procuring items for our annual auction in the Spring. Families that do not reach their fundraising requirement are responsible for the remaining balance at the end of the school year.


Woodhaven School is run by parents working together to create a meaningful experience for their child’s education. Parent jobs include, but are not limited to: Board Members (President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP, etc.), Snacks Purchaser, Enrollment Coordinator, Newsletter, and many more. We strive to fit each family with a job that complements their skill set. Expect to spend an average of 10 hours/month on your parent job.


Work parties occur one Saturday a month during the school year. Parents can participate indoors, giving the classroom and kitchen a deep clean, or do more labor- intensive work outdoors in the woods and garden.

Each work party lasts three hours. Families are required to spend 9 hours at work parties (children are welcome!) each school year. You will receive credit for each adult family member who participates in any given work party. For instance, if two adults attend a work party, they are credited for six hours.

Parent Testimonials

“I remember playing outside, collecting bugs, walking down to the beaver dams, and making chocolate egg nests.”  - Alumni Student Walter as a 7th grader

“I liked learning to be a ‘statue’ out in nature so I could watch squirrels more closely.” - Alumni Student Eloise as a kindergartner

“I remember being outdoors and going for hikes with my friends.”- Alumni Student Isaac as a 5th grader

“I miss lunch and snacks.  We don’t get anything to eat at Kindergarten, only water! I miss building dams [in the ‘creek’ that is created each time it rains] and I miss running in the woods with all my friends.”  – Alumni Student David as a kindergartner

“I liked playing ‘car dealership’ in the woods and floating things in the ‘river’ when it rained.” – Alumni Student Ben as a 2nd grader

“Woodhaven is aptly named. In a peaceful forested setting, with expansive and colorful classroom space, the place itself promotes nurturing, harmony, and curiosity. Add a dedicated teacher who is truly passionate and good-humored in her approach to young children, and a community of parents who care deeply about both emotional and intellectual development, and the result is an experience that our family will always cherish.” - Parent Tor

“When we asked our daughter Taylor what her favorite thing to do at school was, she answered, “I love to run down the hill!” We’re thinking on the same page here! We love the fact that there is so much outdoor education. Her imagination expands every day as she dreams up new stories about her friends at school and how they see the magic fairies and fish off the boat. Her school days carry into her play at home as she tells us her stories and we see her imagination continue to expand.” -Parent Hilary

“We feel fortunate to have found a wonderful school like Woodhaven. All three of our children have been so happy and excited about their experiences at school. Both my husband and I are lovers of the outdoors, and the fact that the children spend time each day outside discovering nature and using their imaginations made the school a perfect fit for our family. We welcomed the idea of a co-op which gives us an opportunity to have a say in our children’s education as well the opportunity to get to know the children and families our own children spend so much time with.” - Parent Maureen

“Woodhaven has really made our son blossom! The sense of community and sharing found at Woodhaven helps to instill the values and ideals that are important to our family. We love everything about the school from the involvement in the classroom to the exploration of the forest.” - Parents Michele & Justin

“Nature is a respected friend and teacher at Woodhaven. We love that.” - Parent Hilary

“The image that comes first to mind is the kids playing in the woods, discovering new adventures both in nature as well as in their social interaction.” - Parents Jeff & Jan

“Woodhaven is a wonderful extension of the home environment; especially if your family eats organic, strives to limit media, and WANTS full involvement in a child’s first school experience. We also loved the four hour day as it gives the children enough time to fully immerse themselves in learning on every level … socially, intellectually, physically, and mentally.” - Parent Nancy

“I’m a stay-at-home, home-schooling dad because this lifestyle works well for my family, but also because I am deeply committed to providing my children with the best emotional and intellectual experience possible. (Yes, I might also be a little crazy!) Woodhaven was fantastic not just for our daughter, but also for us. Although each Woodhaven family is in a different situation, they all share a similar commitment to the cultivation of curiosity, kindness, and the joy of discovery. The value of the Woodhaven community in our lives far exceeds pedestrian factors of cost and time.” –  Parent Tor