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Building Bright Futures

Woodhaven School is a parent-run cooperative school dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of learning in our children. As a secular and independent school for preschool and older children, Woodhaven strives to nurture the whole child –

socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually – through play.

Children learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, peers, and materials. The curriculum emphasizes child choice rather than highly structured, teacher-directed lessons.

The curriculum is inspired by the elements of Waldorf education and reflects the sense of wonder and reverence that children experience in the natural world.  We look for clues that fairies and gnomes have visited our garden.  We celebrate the simple things and find magic in the mundane. Our program emphasizes humanitarian values and environmental awareness. The children observe and exercise their own imaginations and creativity though art, music, dramatic play, and hands-on exploration of simple toys, natural objects, and outdoor play. 


We acknowledge and appreciate the complex differences in each of us.  We value diversity and believe it strengthens us.  We stand against systemic racism and injustice in any content that may be found in lectures or written works from the Waldorf education movement.

Click here to read more about working toward anti-racism in education.

As a cooperative preschool, Woodhaven relies on family involvement. The school is operated by our Volunteer School Board, as well as parents and caregivers who choose to actively participate in their children’s education. We only have one lead teacher and a small support staff, therefore family member participation is critical in running our school. Woodhaven School is a member of the Parent Child Preschools Organization, a non-profit organization of more than 60 cooperative preschools and kindergartens in Oregon and Washington as well as active members of Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI).


Nurturing children for 30 years!

Woodhaven School was formed by a small group of parents in 1994. They wanted to create a nurturing environment for their young children, based on the principles of Waldorf education. The six founding families envisioned a haven that embraced the wonder of childhood and the natural world, encouraged boundless imagination, and supported the unhurried, open spirit of a child.

The families established annual events that focused on nature – a Harvest Potluck, a Lantern Walk through the woods in the Fall, a Spiral Walk in the winter, and a May Day Celebration each Spring. Woodhaven continues to celebrate these events each year. The spirit of collective, caring magic has imbued hundreds of families from inception to now, and we hope will continue to do so for many years to come.

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