Annual Events

As a Waldorf inspired school, we observe festivals commonly practiced in Waldorf schools.  We believe in the spirit of childhood and we celebrate the wonder and awe that is inherent to it. These annual events are marked with community gatherings that are both reverent and celebratory.

Harvest Potluck 

The Harvest Potluck in October gives our families a chance to share the bounty of the harvest season. The whole school enjoys a picnic lunch and time to play in the woods as we come together as a community.

Lantern Walk


The Lantern Walk is a special evening of singing together as we walk our candle-lit trails through the woods with handmade lanterns, bringing light to the darkness of the season. This is an event our alumni families are welcome to attend.

We hold a coat drive during this time to donate to a local family shelter as a way to share our warmth and light with those who are less fortunate.

Spiral Walk

The Spiral Walk is a Winter solstice celebration in early December. Each child walks into a spiral maze to light a candle. Then they carry their lit candle back to their family until the whole room is filled with flickering warmth and light. The candlelight symbolizes the light we each carry in our hearts, even in the dark, cold days of winter. The tradition gives children and families a chance to reflect on the passing seasons and the cycle of the year.

May Day Celebration

The May Day Celebration occurs in early May and includes alumni children as well as incoming children and families who are enrolled for the following year. The children and parents make flower crowns and dance around the May pole with colorful ribbons. May Day baskets are made and filled with flowers, and the children are encouraged to leave these on a special someone’s doorstep anonymously.

Star Child Celebrations 

Star Child Celebrations occur for each child’s birthday during the first part of the school day. Students draw special pictures which are made into a birthday book for the Star Child and they hear a story that is reserved for this special day.