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Lead Teacher

Ms. Melynda has been providing childcare for the majority of her adult life. She has worked as a Lead and Assistant Teacher for preschool aged children and nannied for children from birth to school age. She's in her third year teaching at Woodhaven. 

Her education is in Early Childhood and Family Studies and that’s where her passion remains. She loves learning about early childhood development and providing an environment where children are free to explore and create at their own pace. She focuses on supporting their learning by modeling empathy and compassion for others, showing respect for nature and all living things and encouraging their creativity. 

When she’s not holding the hands of the Woodhaven children, Ms. Melynda loves to spend time with her family, dream of fairies, read, garden, travel and find vegan sweet treats!

Her daughter, Arya, is a Woodhaven Alumni. 

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